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Project Viola

The client

Founded in 1884, the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (HPO) is Hamilton’s professional symphony orchestra.

The challenge

When the Covid-19 pandemic closed the concert hall, the HPO needed to find a new way to reach their audiences.

our services

Strategic Planning
Video Production
Web Development

project story

We began working with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra in 2014. Our initial engagements included photography and video documentation of every mainstage concert from that time until the COVID-19 pandemic closed First Ontario Concert Hall. As the orchestra looked for ways to continue to engage with their subscribers, we proposed the development of an online channel that would allow the show to go on.

And so, we created Project Viola, an online Crave-style subscription service that allowed us to broadcast both live and pre-recorded concerts to paid subscribers and supporters.

Our goal was to create a new experience for audiences of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.

We developed pre-show content that included musician interviews, we broadcast the concerts, and created a series of short videos to play in between pieces to develop audience understanding of the repertoire. In addition, we provided guidance on social media strategy and digital marketing to help increase the subscriber base and to generate awareness of this alternative to the in-person performance experience. We continue to develop Project Viola to provide other performing arts organizations a way to continue to keep culture alive.

Kim Varian, Executive Director of the HPO shares: “Keeping the music playing is a priority for the HPO. With the launch of Viola, Banko Media and Orchestrated created an online concert experience for our patrons to enjoy from the comfort of home. Their team worked with us to customize a portal that can host concerts, education and outreach programs, well into the future.”