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A boutique North American-focused hiring practice, Hirequity  is on a mission to inspire a new era of sales recruiting and correct inequities in current hiring practices. You know, just normal everyday activities.

The Project

We refreshed their branding, introducing a colour palette that speaks to the brand’s key attributes and values. The result is a fun-yet-professional contemporary brand that better communicates what makes Hirequity unique.

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A note from Jordana, Founder and CEO of Hirequity:

“This is the first time that I have embarked on a partnership with a vendor (I don’t love that term) since my business opened where I have been totally satisfied with the delivery and timeline of a project.

Satisfied is an understatement. I am proud to present this material.

You delivered exactly what you said you would and beyond with minimal effort on my behalf. You were communicative and professional, adaptable and a pleasure to work with. I haven’t even met with your designers and they ‘get’ it. I don’t want to change a single thing here.

Thank you for delivering on a commitment to a fashionable rebrand of my look in less time than I expected. I will work with you again and again.”