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Work With People Your Mom Would Love

She’ll find us charming and really smart. We’ll do the dishes and she’ll send us home with a hug and leftover pie. Later, she’ll tell you she thought we were just the very best. Here’s why:

We do what we say we’re gonna do when we say we’re gonna do it.

Our talent is explosive but our egos are in check—so we’re impressive but not annoyingly so.

We are nurturers who care deeply about brands, clients, and moms.

We don’t mess around; we get things done. Then maybe we mess around a little.

This is who we are

Banko Creative Studio is an independent, creative content agency. From our locations in Hamilton and Bruce County, we create content and tell stories across all media for regional, national and North American clients.

We’ve been doing this for a long while —since 1996 to be exact.

Back then you might have known us as Banko Media. A name change and a few decades later, we’ve shared a lot of beers and a lot of cheers with small businesses, large corporations, and non-profit organizations.

Fancy wordsmiths would call our team “multi-disciplinary”; we just call us “really darn good at a bunch of really valuable things.” This ultimately means no cookie-cutter solutions (unless you’re a cookie-cutter business). We solve unique business problems with unique creative solutions, using a combination of our diverse in-house skill sets.


Thoughtful and well-planned content strategies are integral to every great (and successful) campaign—for start-ups, long-established brands and all in between. We very intentionally and incredibly carefully select words and imagery to spread your message in the most meaningful way.


When we design and write, we do so for impact. And nothing short of that. We’re sticklers for print, digital, and experiential work that can’t be ignored—or forgotten. We design logos, illustrations and ad campaigns. We write for websites, publications, and so much more. Our ideas are endless.

Photo + Video

From portraits, architecture and product photography to commercials, how-to videos and short film. Whatever your business requires to tell its story best, our in-house photographers and editors will capture it on location or in our studio and bring that story to life in a big way.



Whether it’s airtime on your local radio or  TV station, space in a specialty print publication, ads on social media, or reputation and community management—we’ll help you cut through the clutter.

Meet Your Storytellers

Tara Bryk

Partner | CEO

This place doesn’t tick without Tara. She’s our CEO and has the lofty task of overseeing our client portfolio. Which, for her, is a breeze. Tara brings years of experience working with brands like
ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Yellow Tail Wines and Cineplex. She puts out fires before the embers get hot—proactive to her very core.

Tara is also a walking, talking heart of gold. She pours her heart and soul into more than just clients; volunteering for the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the Brantford Cultural Advisory Committee.

Dan Banko

Partner | Creative Director

Dan is the big cheese around here. Officially, he’s our Creative Director. Unofficially, he’s a super nice guy with a thousand ideas swimming around upstairs and always implements the very right one at the right time for the right client. Naturally, his dad still wonders what he actually does for a living.

He’s a dad and a coach, a photographer and a sculptor, a teacher and a collector of things. He’s a gutsy leader and a real friend. We like him a lot. (And he didn’t pay us to say that, we swear.)

Brianne Clarkson

Social Media Coordinator

Jennifer Co

Junior Designer

Michelle Hayward

Art Director

Julia Marchionda

Project Coordinator

rebecca Mattina

Social Media Writer

Sandra Mulder


Julia Preston


Taylor Wallace

Associate Producer

Let’s Grab A Beer

Coffee works, too. So does a phone call and a glass of wine. Basically, any form of communication + liquid beverage is a great starting point if you ask us.